APEC, NAM, World Bank, IMF, ADB – IR – Practice Questions (20 May 2019)

1. The strength of World Bank

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Nauru is the latest country to be a member of World Bank. All members of World Bank are also the members of the IMF.

2. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true regarding World Bank?

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This is a custom that only American is getting elected as the President but there is no rule as such.

3. The 2019 Non Alignment Summit (NAM) is held in

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4. Who of the following is the current president of World Bank?

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Jim Yong Kim who was re-elected as the President of World Bank in 2016 resigned with effect from February 1, 2019. Kristalina Georgieva acted as the President before David Malpas took over.

5. Which of the following countries are not the member (s)of APEC?

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India applied for membership but not granted so far

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